“So, the question then is how is an undergraduate education helping to prepare students for careers that they are not even imagining at the time?”

Growing up I always imagined myself in the fashion industry. I could see my big CEO office, mood boards on every wall, calls about my spring/summer SICCK collection, and a wall full of windows over looking the New York City skyline. At this moment, I can’t see my future any other way. A year ago I could not see myself at any other school but Parsons: The New School of Design, yet I am here at Columbia College Chicago. Two years ago I could not see my self with any other group of friends than I had at the time, but now they are all gone and have been replaced. Now that I think about it, nothing in my life is the same as it use to be. So how could I think that my career would stay the same at the center of my forever changing life?

This question is very important. Most people go into college still questioning what they want to do and where they want to be then it is all over. By making a course interchangeable between different majors, it gives students time to get to know themselves and what they want out of this education they are about to receive. This question reassures me that if I decide that I want to pursue another major, I could apply what I learned to those classes.

Later in the introduction in mentions teaching students “how to learn about writing”. I think that is a good concept to base a writing class on. Not only are you learning skills for 21st century writing, it will also help understand and be able to transfer that knowledge to the major of your choice. While in this class, I hope the content I learn in this class will give me the ability to do better in my future years at Columbia, no matter what major I end up in.



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