The idea from the podcast that was the most interesting to me was how words make only sense when there is an image attached to it. The story at the beginning, about the man who was deaf, was very moving. The way that he began to learn the different names of every object was amazing. I never thought about how detached from the world and everything in everyday life  a deaf person could be. Before he knew what language was he would just imitate what others would say. He knew that people said things but he didn’t know exactly what it was. When his mind was opened up to names and meanings and words his whole life changed.

In the video, Words, producers used the concept of word association to make us think of the word for the image being shown. When images began to pop up on the screen, you didn’t really get what is happening. But as it goes on you start to think: “ok it’s a plane…. it’s a bird….it’s a fly! Oh, shit! All of those things fly!!!!! I get it!” It’s crazy how your brain can change images to to words and even change words to images. Some might take a little longer to process. For example, in my head, at first I was thinking,” why are they showing us the crotch of someones……” then I thought, “oh yeah… that’s a fly too!” The mind is an amazing thing. The way our minds transfers information from one media to the next so fast is amazing.


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