Affordances, Alphabetic Text, Circulation, and Image


When writing, using affordably help you understand which form of text is right for certain topics. For example, the Fall 2015 Ralph Lauren Fashion Show. No one wants to sit and read a long, drawn out, 50 page article with abnormal fashion terminology. By using image/video, it gives everyone a chance to interpret the garments the way they want and give the piece a easier and more understandable description.

Alphabetic Text:

Using alphabetic rescan be more understandable than other types of writing. By using words it leaves no room for misunderstanding through accents, word pronunciation, etc. A youtube, Miranda Sings, has a very unique voice that can make you confused about what she’s saying. In her music video, Where My Bae’s At, she uses subtitles to eliminate that problem which makes her wonderful creations accessible to everyone.


The circulation of writing, let’s the author know what qualities make text spreadable. Some text is written to move quickly from one reader to the next. The others are meant to be longer lasting. A case on extreme circulation is Ellen’s super selfie at the Oscars in 2014. The tweet is the most retreated tweet in Twitter history reaching 3.34 million retreats. By having so many celebrities in one photo, it basically touched base with so many fan groups.


Image plays a big role in so many different fields. In the case of education, diagrams play a big role in the learning process for visual learners. For people who take classes on the human body, textbooks with photos and diagrams are a big help for studying.


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