Final Draft

The concept of 1984 has been remixed many times. The original text was a book. That book was then turned into a movie. The 1984 Apple commercial uses the movies concept to set themselves apart from competitors. The anti-Clinton campaign used that commercial as a type of opponent slandering. These examples use remix because they all take a piece of the original text to create a whole new text. They also were able to change the arrangement and kairos to give each text a different meaning.

The 1984 book was turned into a movie. This means that the 1984 movie was a remix in itself. The scene in the film that everyone was most intrigued by was the Two Minutes Hate. This scene differed from the book in many ways. For example, the book was able to describe in great detail what was happening during the two minutes hate. In the movie you could barely hear what people were saying but in the book, because it was written, you know what was said by the people of the party. Also the deep thought within the screen. The book was very descriptive about the feelings Winston had during the gathering. It told what he was thinking had how he was feeling but in the movie you had to make those guesses about how he felt on your own.

The movie 1984 had a strong sense of kairos. The book was published in 1949 but speaks upon event that “happened” in 1984. The movie gives off kairos from its release in the year 1984. I think that the movie also loses some kairos because it was released in late 1984. If it was made available earlier in the year, it would have more of a relevance to the time period. It would give off the futuristic feel the was originally given off by the book. Since the year was already more than half way over, there’s no way those events from the movie could happen in the time left in that year.

The 1984 movie is arrangement in chronological order, in which each event in the text happens, just like the 1984 book. The movie is not the exact same as the book in terms of how each thing happens but it is still arranged the same was. Also the arrangement of the scene was slightly different when you look at the detail put forth in each text. For starters, in the movie it looks like the party gathered in a theater or auditorium style room. In the book, there were just chairs set up in rows in front of the screen. “…, where Winston worked, they were dragging the chairs our of the cubicles and grouping them in the centre of the hall opposite the big telescreen…(Orwell, 1949)” Another difference that I found between the movie and the book is the seating arrangement of Winston and his the dark-haired girl. In the book, it says that the sandy-haired woman was sitting next to Winston and the dark-haired woman was sitting behind her. But in the movie, the seating arrangement wasn’t shown. The dark-haired woman was sitting a few rows ahead of Winston.

The 1984 Apple commercial remixes the concept of the movie 1984. They took the idea of a dictatorship and a dystopian future and changed its meaning. In the commercial there were what I believe to be metaphoric representations of the time period. IBM was the only big named computer producer. This gave them so much control over the customers and also the small, growing businesses who were willing to sell out. That being said, IBM is represented by the big brother figure on the screen. The figure was controlling the people (the customers and small businesses) with his words. He was grouping everyone together as if they were all the same. “We are one people… one cause.(Ibermodels, 2011)” The woman who ran in with the hammer was no other than a representation of Apple. It’s not hard to draw the computer after you see the Macintosh computer on the shirt that she is wearing. Her part in the commercial was to thrown the hammer at the screen, breaking the trance like state of all the people. This is what Apple planned to do: use the Macintosh computer to bring diversity and options to the realm of technology. The fact the a women was used to represent Apple is another symbol of diversity.

The 1984 Apple commercial have a good sense of kairos. Steve Jobs’ choice of release was very time convenient. This situation with Apple and IBM is the same as what’s going on in the movie. IBM won the loyalty of the people and used that to control them, just like the movie. The fact that it was shown at the super bowl, with 77 million viewers, is a perk in itself. There were 72000 computers sold in the first 100 days. Another reason this text has developed Mario’s is the timing in comparison with the movie. The relationship between the two text would cause people to come to their senses about what IBM is trying to do and hopefully get them more customers. In the 1983 Apple keynote address, Steve said, “Dealers initially welcoming IBM with open arms now fear an IBM dominated and controlled future.(Jobs,1983)”

The 1984 Apple commercial was arranged slightly different from the 1984 movie scene. On one hand the two are very similar, visually and through its audio. The people in both videos are dressed the same and just visually look the same. The big faced figure on the screen looked the same. The difference in this was that in the Apple video big brother was speaking on how they are all one and stand for one thing. The 1984 figure was the enemy. Also the audio in the videos are different. The Apple video is persuading the group that the big brother figure is good and only wants the best for them. It is essentially telling them they are “secure from pest.(Ibermodels, 2011)”

The 1984 anti-Clinton video remixes the visual styles of the 1984 Apple commercial. Both of the videos have the same visual structure. The anti-Clinton video changed the images on the screen, the logo on the woman’s shirt and the ending narration. Everything else is the exact same. I’ll say they this is a perfect example of a remix. It uses the almost exact visuals but the meaning and message is different. The big brother figure is obviously Hillary, the people are her supporters and the woman with the hammer is Obama. Just like the Apple commercial, the logo on the shirt the Obama campaign logo. This video is trying to display how Hillary is manipulating the people. “… be a part of a team, the American team.(ParkRidge47, 2007)” But the Obama campaign can promise individuality, just like the Apple commercial. “And you’ll see why 2008 won’t be like 1984.(ParkRidge47, 2007)”

The 1984 anti-Clinton video also has a sense of kairos. It is almost election time. People are trying to do their best to make sure their campaign or their favorable candidates campaign is stronger. The filmmaker recognized the growth of the internet and decided to use that as a platform rather than using t.v. or cable. The filmmakers name was Phil Dr Vellis, who did some work on the Obama campaign. At the time of the videos release, Hillary was the front-runner in the democratic party. This ad ended up being a crucial part in Barack Obama’s success.

The arrangement of the 1984 anti-Clinton video was almost exactly the same as the 1984 Apple commercial. From the marching people to the big television screen, the video arrangement is the same. There are a few difference that I spot though. The big brother figure was change to be Hillary Clinton. Also the woman’s shirt was changed from a Macintosh logo to a Obama campaign logo. She was also wherein a iPod and earphones in this video. I perceived this a a sign of change. This would make a lot of since because Obama’s campaign slogan in 2008 was “Change”.

1984 has become a model for many remixes over the years. Each one had a different meaning or a different style that made their text stand out.


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