Writing in the 21st Century:Money vs. Media (Rough Draft)

The creative platform of YouTube had changed to be displayed in a more commercialized way. YouTube, Morgan Brown, mad a video entitled ‘Ve truth about YouTube’s. In the video she goes on a rant about how YouTube has changed over the years. She is very detailed about how the YouTubers that grew, gained views and gained subscribers forgot what got them there in the first place.

This topic goes into writing in the 21st century because at first youtube was this random place with random people post things that they genuinely like or are interested in. Now it is a big competition for views and sponsors. The YouTubers gave up personal experience with their viewer to bond over the things they have in common or what connects them. They’ve traded that in for money and fame. This has lead to the writing in sketches and scripts of videos being over done and repetitive in the YouTube community. They have a ” this is what’s working so lets keep it working (Brown, 2014)” kind of attitude toward the future of YouTube. They will see a certain idea in a video that has gotten a lot of view and attention. It has been redone by hundreds of Youtubers but they still choose to do it. They don’t do it because they like it but because it’s what’s working; it’s what is getting these people views.

Rap music has become more about money and fame than the lyrical art. This style of music originated in New York in the late 1970’s. It was just DJ’s and MC’s using their talents to hype the crowd at a party or gathering. Rapping came about soon after as a creative outlet with rhymes about their lives and personal struggles. The people of this time also used music as an outlet for their feelings on political and economic issues such as the crack epidemic in the mid to late 1980’s. This style of music back then was used to convey a positive message to the people of their communities; “Crack is whack!”

A lot of rap music today is made by copying the styles of others to give them an immediate source of fans. Many rappers only speak on their own money and fame, never on real life problems like it was created for. Today rapping is mostly used as a quick way to gain fame and fortune. New mainstream rappers lack the creativity to earn their place in the “rap game”. A prime example of this is a song that has been sweeping the nation, ‘Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae) by Silento. In the song it references numerous dances that have already been made previous to the release of his song. The whole song is him repetitively saying the names of dances. None of the dance were made by him. The Nae Nae was invented by the rap group “We are Toonz”. Their song “Drop that Nae Nae” reached #18 on billboard charts. The whip dance, created by Hasani Buchanan, spread across the country in a matter of days. Other dances included in the song were from artists in the 2000’s such Soulja Boy, GS Boys, etc. All these dances and and songs have something in common: dances and popularity. By taking these popular dances and putting them all all together, there is no talent needed to be successful. Others agree with that statement as well. Even though the the charts in many different countries, some still understand the need for talent in this area. Buzz Feed named it one of the songs with the worst lyrics of the year. On Rate my music, it received 1.37 out of 5. This song is the epitome of cliche.

I believe that most lyrical writing in the 21st century will be along the lines of this song. It’s lack of creativity and actual work will be the guideline for radio rap music soon to come. Rap music today is losing touch with its roots. It’s humble beginnings has been lost in the mix of changing generations. In our world today, money is what we strive for. Fame is what we strive for. That’s why this art form is no longer art.

Producers of reality shows already get a bad rep for being in this form of t.v. in the first place. It makes it worse that the reality is no longer a reality . Shows like love and hip hop, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Bad Girls Club are examples of shows that have change from the power of money. The producers use the lives of others, twist the truth and make more money from the drama.

Keeping up with the Kardashians was found out for their reality fraud when writers were accused of ushering tabloid stories to spice up the show. For example, in 2012 a tabloid released a story about Bruce Jenner, more recently known as Caitlyn Jenner, was moving out of the Kardashian home due to marital issues. The season premiere of the show was based on the mutual agreement of the move out between Kris and Bruce. Also in early 2012, it was said that Khloe Kardashians father admitted to not being her real father. After that was annouced, previews to the show hinted at a DNA test for Khloe. This show tried to amp up the drama and anticipation to gain viewers and money, even if it meant manipulating people’s lives.

On shows like Bad Girls Club began as a drama oriented show, as every viewer knew this. In the beginning the show was for girls who had bad attitudes and wanted to change their lives for the better.but as time went on, the producers noticed that there was much more of a response to the arguments and almost fights on the show than there was a reaction to the real life changing part. What people didn’t know was that the actual fighting part wasn’t allowed. The show always built up the anticipation of fighting but they never actually crossed that line. A few years and seasons into the show,that line was crossed.

Former BGC actress, Tanisha Thomas, explains the change she has seen in the show since she has been there. “On my season, if you hit someone you went home… [now] I know that there is security and I believe a medic if needed.” They’re allowing drama to cross the line into physical violence for the sake of ratings and money. The viewers no longer have to anticipate physical violence because now it is allowed. The writers of this show have sold out. A show used to help people turned into a fighting fest.


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